The Mindful Makeover Guided Experience. by Stephanie Catalano

The Mindful Makeover Guided Experience.

Hi Beautiful!

Are you tired of dwelling on the disappointments of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow? Do you want to learn how to manage stress and let go of anxiety so you stop missing out on new opportunities? Do you want to find love and feel fulfilled? Are you ready to find your inner strength and creative power to help you grow and create the life you desire?

If so, take the first step and start your Mindful Makeover by purchasing this experience today! This experience has been created to take you on a 30-day journey that will allow you to transform your life from the inside out. The Mindful Makeover Guided Experience includes Mindful Makeover 30-day Workbook and Guide, which will be sent, via USPS mail, upon registration and immediate access to 10 videos with the author, Stephanie Catalano, providing guidance, support, and love as you work on achieving your Mindful Makeover. 

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This workbook has helped change my life for the better! I came in knowing that I was ready for change and ready to learn about myself and wow I did both effortlessly. The daily exercises are not daunting. They are easy to commit to doing daily and they truly bring a sense of self-awareness that I’m so grateful to find. I love living mindfully! Thank you Stephanie!
Christina D
EXCELLENT workbook!!! Highly recommend it for serious breakthroughs!!! LOVED it. Extremely helpful and enlightening!!! Thank you 😊
Danielle S
This workbook helped me rewire my way of thinking and helped me forgive myself for allowing bad behavior for so long. It helped me with my healing and to let go of the negative things I have believed about myself for so long. I am now taking responsibility for my own life it’s a struggle at times but it taught me the importance of not falling back into codependent relationships.
Emily C
There is so much power in being present. I loved how simple this workbook was but yet so deep. I was able to uncover some deep limiting beliefs that I attained over the years. The pictures are beautiful it makes you feel so alive in present just looking at them.
Jorya R
The Mindful Makeover will truly shift your perspective and help change your life! This is an EASY, step by step process that guides you to a new way of thinking, living, and FEELING! Excellent teaching tool for groups as well! Beautifully written and illustrated!💓
Diana S

Why I created Mindful Makeover

Early in my life, I knew I wanted to help people and make a huge impact on this world. I knew I had an empowering and powerful message inside of me and I wanted to share it in a way that would help others – I just didn’t know how or where to start. But the fire that was burning inside of me left me with an incredible amount of desire to figure it out and that’s exactly what I did. 

At age 24, I started to heal my wounds, challenge my self-limiting and shame-based beliefs, shift my fearful perceptions, and strengthen my spiritual practice. Before I knew it, I was willing to take risks and steps of action that were leading me closer to my dreams. I began to trust that if I jumped, the “safety net” would appear. In fact, I told myself, it was already there waiting, and it was. Every time. Today I’m proud to say that I am living the life I’ve always desired. I discovered my inner power and I have used it to manifest my dreams. I have healed my wounds and I learned how to choose love over fear. Everything I once dreamed of, I have, and much more. I live a Mindful life and I am aligned with my true essence and most authentic self. It didn’t happen overnight, but I got it, and I want to help you do the same. To date, I have three published books and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to coach, counsel, and teach hundreds of women all over the world through my books, live events, and career experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

My mission is to help you overcome the things in your life that might be holding you back, to normalize and de-shame the struggles we all face, and to provide love and guidance as you return to a place of wholeness, a place of knowing and believing you are enough.  You deserve to live the life you’ve always desired and I want to help you. I created Mindful Makeover to remind you that you matter, and you are worthy and deserving of having it all. That you are powerful beyond measure and everything you need is inside of you. 

Mindful Makeover offers an easy, simple 4-step evidenced-based formula that will guide you as you begin to take steps of action that will lead you closer to your dreams. This Workbook offers practical guidance, Mindful skills, tips, and much more. More importantly, you’ll receive the best gift you could ever gift yourself – the gift of self-awareness and you will gain the confidence to show up and always choose love. It’s time to find your inner strength and power. It’s time to live your best life. It’s never too late and never too soon because all we have is now. I sincerely thank you for choosing Mindful Makeover as your guide. From my soul to yours, we are one, connected by energetic cords of light, love, and the burning sun.

Love & Light,

Connect with Stephanie

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